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Are you ready to change your life and take control of your weight once and for all? At Yazen, you'll meet a team of passionate specialists – including doctors, coaches, dietitians, psychologists, and personal trainers – who are dedicated to helping you reach your health goals. Our unique method combines personal counselling and tailored training, with the latest and most effective drugs on the market, for sustainable weight loss.


At the forefront of your team is your YazenCoach, who follows you on the road and is the person you primarily turn to during the journey. Do you have a question, are you thinking about something or feeling worried? Your YazenCoach is used to getting all these types of questions and is here for you.

A YazenCoach has a professional qualification in health care or other equivalent education and extensive experience in supporting and motivating people in diet, exercise, sleep, and behaviour changes.

Your YazenCoach supports you so that you can:
  • Prevent side effects
  • Adapt your physical activity
  • Adjust your diet
Everything in order for your treatment to work as well as possible in your everyday life, given your conditions.
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Meet the treatment team

At Yazen we know that when medicines are combined with guidance and treatment from a team, weight loss success is at its best.
You don't have to do it alone, together we will make a difference.

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Located just behind your YazenCoach, the doctors ensure that your prescription is as effective as possible. All doctors at Yazen are experts in the treatment of patients struggling with their weight.

Your doctor assists you with questions about medication treatment, renews prescriptions, wants to know how you experience the effects of the medication, and assesses weight loss and any side effects. In case of side effects that do not improve with adjustments to the diet, such as heartburn, constipation or nausea, medication may be prescribed. You can also receive assistance with certificates, such as Activity on Prescription (AoP) or travel certificates.Meet our doctors

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We are with you, all the way

We are delighted that Yazen is in a phase of exciting growth and expansion in all our markets. As a leading provider of medical weight management and health consulting, we have seen an increasing demand for our services, and to meet it, we need to expand our team with more passionate and committed employees.​​

If you passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives, if you share our belief that knowledge and science are the keys to success in health-related matters, then Yazen could be the right place for you to thrive and evolve.​​

We are always open to welcoming new talent to our team, whether you are an experienced medical, nutrition, exercise, or psychology professional or new to the industry but share our passion and enthusiasm.

At Yazen, we believe in creating a positive work environment that promotes creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. We strive to offer our employees opportunities to develop and make a real difference in people's lives. So, if you are ready to be part of our growing team, you are most welcome to explore the opportunities with us. Together, we can continue to change and improve people's lives through modern science and the latest knowledge.

Check out our vacancies and submit your application today. We look forward to meeting you and shaping a healthier future together! Below you can see some of our employees.

Today we are about 110 people who work with Yazen in our six markets.

Our doctors

We are proud to be a platform with a team of dedicated doctors working together to improve your health and quality of life.
Right now we are 27 doctors, and our family is continuously growing with new talents.

Associate Professor, Endocrinology, Chief Physician, CMO

Dr. Martin Carlsson

Doctor, Founder, CPO

Dr. Magnus Nyhlén

Doctor, Operational Manager

Dr. Elin Skoglund


We have a team of 17 YazenCoaches


Sanna Wilgodt


Samuel Ask


Magnus Cedenblad


We have a team of 3 dietitians

Lic. Dietitian

Ellinor Medhammar

Lic. Dietitian

Linda Cronberg

Lic. Dietitian

Erik Dunåker


We have a team of 3 psychologists

Lic. psychologist

Sofie Franke

Lic. psychologist

Nicolas Dhondt

Lic. psychologist

Calle Mauritzson

Personal trainers

We are 2 dedicated personal trainers.

Personal trainer

Victor Alamo Holm

Personal trainer

Angelica Brandelius

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