Terms of Service

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These terms and conditions apply to and its associated app. Please read through all the terms carefully before proceeding. By accepting these terms, you consent to enter into a legally binding agreement with Yazen Health AB with organization number 559315-6234. If you do not accept our terms, consent shall not be granted, and the website and its services will not be available in such a situation.
If you wish to terminate the entered agreement, it can be done in the following way:
Contact customer service and request to have your account terminated.
The below-stated terms may be subject to change. Before any changes take effect, users will be notified as follows: Changes to terms will be published on and in the Yazen app, and will become effective for you as a user 30 days after the change when you use the service or otherwise accept the new terms.


The purpose of the website is as follows:Yazen develops a digital service where patients receive diagnostics and treatment from doctors and other specialists such as dieticians and psychologists.


The website is owned and operated by Yazen Health AB as a legal entity with its registered office in Lund.


a) The website and its content are accessible to all individuals over 18 years of age who are legally able to enter into agreements.
b) Additional obligations of the users:

To be able to use our service, you must download our Yazen app. To receive adequate care and advice, you must truthfully answer questions about your health, diseases, current symptoms, and medications in the app, similar to a regular doctor's visit. In some cases, you may also need to go and have blood tests at one of the testing facilities we cooperate with. If you experience an acute illness during your care with us, you must contact another healthcare provider and seek emergency care. It is also the user's responsibility to contact Yazen if this occurs.

I understand and accept that a team of professional healthcare providers, including doctors, psychologists, dietitians, personal trainers, and coaches, may collaborate to provide comprehensive and holistic care for my health and well-being.I am aware that each member of the healthcare team will handle my personal information with complete confidentiality and in accordance with applicable laws regarding patient privacy and data protection. I consent to these healthcare providers sharing relevant information and communicating with each other to coordinate my care and optimize the outcomes.


a) The website undertakes to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which aims, among other things, to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals.b) Personal data that may be processedBy accepting these terms and conditions, the user consents to the processing of personal data as follows:User's name, email, social security number, and health status.c) How the personal data will be processedThe personal data will be processed for the following purposes:All information we collect becomes part of your medical record. All information is classified as confidential according to the Medical Records Act. Your answers and results will be treated as a medical procedure so that unauthorized persons cannot access them.d) Third partyUsers' personal data will not be disclosed to third parties unless required by mandatory laws or government orders.e) Period for which the personal data will be storedThe personal data may only be stored for as long as necessary for the purpose.f) EncryptionThe website has an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) that ensures that users' personal data is transmitted securely and confidentially by encrypting the information.g) Users' rights

Right to register extract

After giving consent, users have the right to receive a register extract confirming whether their personal data is being processed. If the personal data is being processed, users have the right to access it.
A register extract is requested by our data protection officer via email at
The register extract is provided in written form, either digitally or by mail.

Right to information and right to rectification

After giving consent, users have the right to contact Yazen Health AB to find out what personal data is stored and to have incorrect information corrected. If any information is missing, users also have the right to supplement it.

Right to restriction of processing

In some cases, a person whose personal data is concerned may demand that the processing of their personal data be restricted. This is the case, for example, when the person concerned has already requested rectification due to incorrect information. During this time, the processing of the incorrect information may also be restricted.

Data portability

In some cases, a person who has provided their personal data has the right to have it transferred to another service provider, for example, a media service. The first recipient of the personal data must then facilitate such transfer.

Right to object

In some cases, a person has the right to object to the processing of their personal data. This applies when personal data is processed to perform a task of public interest, as part of the exercise of official authority, or after a balancing of interests.

Right to erasure

Users have the right to have their personal data erased if desired. There are exceptions to this right, but in the following cases, the data must be erased.
If the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected.
If consent is withdrawn.
If the personal data is used for direct marketing and the user objects to it.
If there are no legitimate reasons that outweigh the individual's interest in erasing the information
If the personal data has been processed unlawfully,If erasure is required to fulfill a legal obligation.

If a user wishes to have their personal data deleted, they should contact our data protection officer via email at

Automated decision-making

Users consent to certain automated decision-making that is necessary for the service to function as expected.


If a user requests information or requests that information be erased, the person must provide identification to verify their identity."


If a user believes that their personal data is being processed in violation of the GDPR on the website, a complaint can be filed in the first instance with us, and in the second instance with the Swedish Data Protection Authority.


In a situation where a user's personal data has been processed in violation of the GDPR, there may be a right to damages. A damages claim can be brought in a general court with the district court as the first instance.


The website uses cookies. This means that information may be stored in users' web browsers when they visit the website. The purpose of this is for the website to recognize a user's device, generate statistics, and improve the user experience.A cookie is a small text file that allows the identification of a user's communication device without storing personal data. There are two types of cookies, persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored for a longer period of time and can, for example, be used to show the user content that may have been missed previously. Session cookies are deleted when the website/browser is closed. This type of cookies can store information such as language preferences and prevent users from having to choose it again every time they navigate through the website.Third-party cookies may also be used on the website, i.e. cookies placed by external parties. Cookies are used on the website for the following purposes:We use cookies, including Google Analytics, to understand how our visitors use the website and to customize our marketing efforts.A person who wishes to avoid cookies or wants to be notified before they are stored can change this setting in their device's settings.


A user who violates these terms of use will be handled as follows:The account will be terminated immediately.


Yazen Health AB, the owner of the website and associated apps, disclaims the following legal liabilities: Yazen is integrated with third-party applications and services ("third-party applications") in order to make the service available to you. These third-party applications may have their own terms of use and privacy policies. You understand and accept that Yazen does not endorse and is not responsible for the behavior, features, or content of any third-party application.


The website and associated apps are operated from Sweden, and the terms of use are governed by Swedish law.


For the Terms (including this point), Swedish law shall be applied. Disputes due to the Terms and Conditions shall be settled by a general Swedish court. The customer has the opportunity to submit comments on the care directly to Yazen. The customer has a statutory right to turn to the Swedish Care Inspectorate (Inspektionen för vård och omsorg).


For questions regarding the website and its content, we can be reached through the following means: Via our contact form.
For questions regarding the processing of personal data, please contact our data protection officer.
If a user wishes to have their personal data deleted, they should contact our data protection officer via email at
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