About Yazen

For many, lasting weight loss has felt impossible.
Until now!

Experts in medical weight loss

Our vision is to help the world overcome overweight and obesity

Through our digital platform, our specialist team gives an overweight person the tools to reach and maintain a healthy weight. The digital platform enables availability at any time around the clock. Our method is based on well-proven science where each patient receives a personal assessment and individually adapted treatment plan with modern medicines by their doctor. Together with the additional support of doctors, YazenCoaches, dietitians, psychologists, and personal trainers, the journey to better health therefore becomes easier.

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Yazen was started in 2021 and is a Swedish digital healthcare provider with patients across Europe

As healthcare providers, our goal is to be at the absolute forefront in terms of treating overweight and obesity based on the latest knowledge and research. Our methodology is based on a patient-centered way of working with the entire individual's needs in focus. Yazen is led by medical doctors with a special interest in the treatment of overweight and obesity and we work together with our YazenCoaches, dietitians, psychologists, and personal trainers.

The modern method for permanent weight loss

Science has come a long way in helping us understand why more than 50% of adults in Europe are overweight, revealing far more complexity than previously thought. At Yazen, our doctors, nurses, and coaches are experts in weight loss, with years of experience and training. What makes Yazen unique is the combination of medicine, evidence-based lifestyle coaching, and digital tools that make the support easily available around the clock, helping us provide the best results to our patients.

Our method's success is clearly demonstrated.
By this we mean that you should believe our patients, not just us.

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Yazen - a life in balance

Yazen means 'to weigh', taken from the word 'balance' and the balance of evidence that creates justice and equality between people. At the same time, Yazen is a versatile concept that is appreciated in many cultures. In Turkish, it translates to 'meditate' or 'contemplate' and to find 'balance'. In Persian, it means 'think' or 'reflect'. In Arabic, Yazen suggests a deeper thought process such as 'pondering' or 'deliberation'. In New Zealand, Yazen is recognised as a name of Arabic origin, meaning 'Handsome'. In the UK, the name conveys a commitment with its interpretation, 'I do now'.

We took this concept further, at Yazen Health we know that the body, mind, and soul are in the best harmony if everything is in balance. That's what we strive to teach and deliver with our programme - a healthy body and your mind at peace, enabling healthy, sustainable weight loss.

That Yazen is appreciated by many cultures is also a good fit as we welcome everyone to take the step towards overcoming overweight and obesity.

Meet the treatment team

You don't have to do it alone, together we will make a difference.

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Located just behind your YazenCoach, the doctors ensure that your prescription is as effective as possible. All doctors at Yazen are experts in the treatment of patients struggling with their weight.

Your doctor assists you with questions about medication treatment, renews prescriptions, wants to know how you experience the effects of the medication, and assesses weight loss and any side effects. In case of side effects that do not improve with adjustments to the diet, such as heartburn, constipation or nausea, medication may be prescribed. You can also receive assistance with certificates, such as Activity on Prescription (AoP) or travel certificates.Meet our doctors

We are with you, all the way

These are the people who lead Yazen.

Chief Technology Officer, Founder

Otto Bretz

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Chief Medical Officer, Founder

Dr. Martin Carlsson

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Chief Marketing Officer

Christina Waller Sterner

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CPO, Founder, Chairman of the board

Dr. Magnus Nyhlén

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Head of Finance, People & Culture

Maria Flaig

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Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Fredrik Meurling

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Head of Clinical Operations

Dr. Elin Skoglund

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Head of International Expansion

Anders Rüdow Fors

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Head of Technology

Cilla Tufvesson

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